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 Ballacourage books is a small company dedicated to publishing good books in both fiction and non-fiction.  Our titles run from hard science to science fiction - and from history to horror. Our aim is to put good books in your hands.  
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Lessons Learned in Combat: Normandy

Lessons Learned in Combat: WW1 The Early AEF

The Chronicles of
Old Guy

Space Battleship Scharnhorst and the
Library of Doom

Must Die!


Electronics for

 American  Fighters in the Foreign Legion

Confessions of a Sentient War Machine

The Five Watchers


The Thrilling Old Guy/Cybertank Adventures!

In the distant future mankind creates massive sentient armored vehicles to assist them in their fight against inscrutable alien eneimies. But them, inexplicably, the humans went away. Why and how no none knows, but the cybertanks continue human civilization on in their own way. Their circuits were based upon the template of the human brain, and thus it is not surprising that they coninue on in many of the same pursuits as their human creators: racing cars, writing music, watching old movies, building libraries, and bowling.

These are the stories of one of the oldest cybertanks, nicknamed 'Old Guy.' He is one of the last to have actually worked and fought alongside humans. He's growing old, and is getting obsolete, but he still can play a major role in their civilization's development.

Just don't ask him his opinion of The Neo-Liberal Economists that once enslaved the human race. He'll  go on for hours, and none of it will be very nice.

#1 The Chronicles of Old Guy

#2 Space Battleship Scharnhorst and the Library of Doom

#3 A Cataclysm of Cybertanks: Neo-Liberal Economists Must DIE!


Coming Summer 2014 !!!

Please note: All 'Old Guy' books are stand alone. You do not have to read them in order, although it may improve you enjoyment of them slightly if you do.


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An Interview with Timothy J. Gawne, creator of "Old Guy'

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